January 9, 2017

Cranbrook, BC (January 9, 2017) – Residents and Public Works snow clearing crews continue to work to keep streets clear of snow this winter, however with the significant amount of snow received so far this year, people are simply running out of places to put it.

The City’s Bylaw Services and Public Works staff are getting regular calls from residents concerned about poor visibility and vehicle near misses because of large snow piles, especially those close to intersections. These snow piles also restrict the width of the streets which can cause issues making it difficult for two-way traffic to pass and cause problems for snow clearing operations. 

Residents are reminded that they must not push or blow snow from driveways or properties back into the street.  Please do your best to store the snow on your own property when you shovel or blow snow.

“With the sheer volume of snow we’ve seen this year, there are more and more large piles of snow accumulating all over the City.  Some of these piles are partially blocking driveways and piles close to intersections are causing serious sightline and visibility issues,” says Don MacMillan, Bylaw Services Officer with the City of Cranbrook.  “Please do not push or blow snow back or pile it on the street -- it is just going to make this situation worse.”

Plow crews continue to work to widen streets where they can today and also open up all residential streets.  Operations will run around the clock until the snow is cleared.

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