2nd Street South Reconstruction

Watch the construction work of 2nd Street South live from our webcam.  Click the image to see!

Check out our image gallery of the reconstruction work on 2nd Street South.  Photos by Brian Clarkson.

Overall Project Plan

Project includes full replacement of water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure. A new engineered road structure will be installed as well as concrete curb and gutter with the addition of a multi-use pathway on the south side of the road. The few properties with services connected to 2nd Street will receive new upgraded water and sewer services.

Affected properties will experience water service disruption during water main tie-ins, then will be connected to a temporary overhead water system for the remainder of the project. Sewer service will also be maintained with the exception of connecting new sewer services to properties where property owners will be asked to avoid flushing or using water for a short period of time. All disruption will be preceded by notifications from the Contractor (see below).

Access to the few driveways fronting 2nd Street will be maintained as much as possible throughout the project. Alley crossing 2nd Street will remain periodically open for garbage pickup and the 10th Avenue and 7th Avenue intersections will remain open as much as possible to minimize disruption and maintain traffic flow.

Mackay Contracting Ltd.

Office: 250-489-1858
Twitter: @mackaybuilds


Update: Week of July 10th, 2017

Mackay Contracting will be closing down through traffic on 10th Avenue South this week to complete work in the intersection. 10th Avenue from 1st street and 3rd street will be designated as no through and local traffic only. The contractor will be working hard to complete the work within the intersection as quick as possible. The city thanks everyone for their patience as this work is completed.

Paving on 2nd Street from 14th Avenue up to the intersection of 10th Avenue will be completed today, expect this area to be back open to traffic fully starting tomorrow.


Update: Week of August 7, 2017

2nd Street South is moving along quickly, with Mackay Contracting putting a significant amount of resources in place to have this very large project completed on schedule. The plan is to have the section east of 7th Avenue South completed before school returns, with the west section being completed by the end of September.

Update: Week of June 26th, 2017

The City recognized that water pressure at peak demand times (morning and evening) is not satisfactory and we are working on a solution to this problem. A temporary pressure boosting line will be installed, however, unnecessary water use at peak times in the morning and evening should be avoided if possible. We appreciate your patience due to this significant inconvenience.

Sanitary sewer main installed from 10th Avenue to 7th Avenue. Installation will continue towards Highway 3.

Water main installed from 10th Avenue to 8th Avenue. Remainder of water main from 10th Avenue to 7th Avenue to be installed and commissioned in approximately 2 weeks, eliminating the need for temporary servicing in that area.

Storm sewer installation scheduled to start week of July 4th starting 10th Avenue moving west

Resurfacing of 10th Avenue to 14th Avenue to be completed within 2 weeks.

Update: Week of June 19, 2017

Work replacing water mains as part of the 2nd Street South project, will create a small reduction in water pressure over the next couple of weeks.

Those people affected will include those on properties west of 7th Avenue South and north of 4th Street South.  Some other properties in the area many notice some temporary pressure changes as well while the system is reconfigured.   This is only temporary and is only expected to last a couple of weeks.

As the 2nd Street South project moves west, similar events will occur along with short term water outages as the newly installed system gets tied in.   Any temporary outages will be preceded by written notification from the contractor.

If you experience any unexpected loss of water, please contact Public Works at 250-489-0218.

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