Wildsafe BC

WildSafeBC Kimberley-Cranbrook (2018)

Danica Roussy is the Kimberley-Cranbrook WildsafeBC 2018 Community Coordinator.

"I have always had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by nature which led me to study Environmental Geography and Biology at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. I have spent my last couple of years as a Junior Forest Technician in both BC and ON as well as spent time as an Archaeological Intern. I moved to the East Kootenay in 2015 and have never looked back! The East Kootenay is my home, everything here is just majestically magnificent. I love all that Cranbrook and Kimberley and the surrounding area has to offer and am honored to work so closely with such passionate professionals to manage human-wildlife conflicts, to educate such wonderful and charismatic citizens and tourists in the area. “British Colombia, especially the East Kootenay, has so much power behind it’s beauty, and I believe it is the integration of humans, wildlife and the vast landscapes that encompass us all that makes such beauty even more breath-taking – however it is only when we learn to live in harmony, with minimal conflict, that beautiful British Colombia can shine to its full potential”.

WildSafeBC is a program that was developed by the BC Conservation Foundation and is a direct descendant of the very successful Bear Aware program, which has run since 1999. WildSafeBC’s motto "keeping wildlife wild - and communities safe" underscores the belief that if we can keep wildlife living in the wild we can, in turn, make our communities safer for us and keep wildlife from coming to harm.

Danica is ready to work with the public to help “keep wildlife wild and our communities safe.” WildSafeBC has found that if wildlife is kept from becoming food-conditioned or habituated to the presence of humans, then they retain their natural wariness of humans and the potential for conflict can be greatly reduced.

WildSafeBC provides conflict reduction advice for all types of wildlife – everything from bears, coyotes, cougars, deer, raccoons and even skunks for those communities that have them.

Residents concerned about wildlife in their community can contact Danica by either email @ cranbrook@wildsafebc.com or by calling 250-464-5436.  Visit WildSafeBC's website @ www.wildsafebc.com.

WildSafeBC gratefully acknowledges the support of Columbia Basin Trust, City of Kimberley, City of Cranbrook and surrounding areas. Without their support this valuable program would not exist.


   Check out our Facebook page @ WildsafeBC Kimberley-Cranbrook.

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