November 3, 2015

There are several opportunities for public participation and involvement in the City of Cranbrook advisory committees listed below. Membership is open to residents of the City of Cranbrook.

Advisory Planning Commission
The Advisory Planning Commission advises Council on matters respecting land use, community planning or proposed bylaws and permits.  Four positions are available.

Cranbrook Public Library Board
Members of the Library Board form a corporation with the powers and duties given under the Library Act.  Board Applicant Process and Package available online or at the library.  Four positions are available.

Key City Theatre Society
The City of Cranbrook appoints two of the nine directors of the Key City Theatre Society. City appointed directors will be expected to provide regular reports to Cranbrook City Council on the operations of the Key City Theatre Society.  One position is available.

Urban Deer Management Advisory Committee
The committee examines the issues related to urban deer within the boundaries of the City of Cranbrook and continues to maintain and monitor an ongoing management plan and report to Council. Three positions are available.

Wellness and Heritage Committee
The Wellness and Heritage Committee provides advice to Council on priorities for planning and policy development with regards to sports, arts, leisure, culture, heritage, parks, and recreation facilities and activities.  One position is available and one Youth position.

Wellness and Heritage Sub-Committee
The Heritage Sub-Committee advises the Wellness and Heritage Committee on matters relating to heritage, and to review and make recommendations regarding the nominations for the Heritage Register.  One position is available.

Interested individuals are invited to submit a Volunteer Application form and review the Terms of reference for all the Committees available at City Hall or the City’s website through the links provided.

Applications will be accepted at City Hall (attention Kelly Thorsteinson) or by email , no later than Friday, November 20, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. local time.

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