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This section provides information around current notices of disposition by the City, Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendments, Zoning Amendments, Bylaw Amendments and other required advertising as legislated by the Community Charter.   Information in this section changes regularly, so please check back often for the latest.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact:   

Marnie Dueck
Municipal Clerk / Corporate Officer
City of Cranbrook

Public Notice - Financing To The Cranbrook Archives Museum & Landmark Foundation

Pursuant to Section 24 of the Community Charter, notice is given that Cranbrook City Council intends to provide bridge financing in the aggregate amount of $300,000 to the Cranbrook Archives Museum and Landmark Foundation (the “Foundation”) to complete construction of a Heritage Rail Car Preservation Building located at 75 Van Horne Street South, Cranbrook, BC.  The amount shall be repaid by the Foundation to the City over a 6-year period, without interest as follows: 

December 31, 2020               $50,000
December 31, 2021               $50,000
December 31, 2022               $50,000
December 31, 2023               $50,000
December 31, 2024               $50,000
December 31, 2025               $50,000

For more information, please contact:

Charlotte Osborne, Chief Financial Officer,
City of Cranbrook,
40-10th Avenue South,
Cranbrook, BC
(250) 489-0219 or

City Clerk

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