First Responder Call Out

Ever wonder what it's like to be in a fire truck going to a call?  Firefighters use lights and sirens to respond to emergencies as quicky as possible.   Please remember to pull over for any emergency vehicle as someone needs our help.


Ice Water Rescue / Self Rescue Training

Members of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services regularly refresh their ice rescue skills at local water bodies.   In cases like this, firefighters train as both a patient and a rescuer to practice different methods of ice rescue in a safe and controlled environment.  It is a very important opportunity to practice these valuable skills.
How Fast Can A Fire Begin In Your Home Today Compared To Decades Ago?
The dynamics of structure fires have changed significantly in past decades.  Today’s homes are built with lighter construction materials, have more open floor areas and an increase use and quantity of more flammable synthetic materials. Consider the fact that new research has shown that heat release rates of some common furnishings are over five times; that today’s fires produce 200 times as much smoke; and that homes burn eight times faster than in past decades.
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