Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

Infrastructure Planning & Delivery (IPD), created in 2016 is responsible for the City's overall asset management. The Director of Infrastructure Planning & Delivery and staff undertake all of the water quality and planning related activities required to look after the City’s water and sewer system and watershed.    This department also maintains the City’s GIS and mapping services and looks after project management for major municipal related construction projects and infrastructure work including capital roads planning and construction oversight.

The IPD department monitors the quality of the water collected at two separate surface watersheds. Instrumentation installed in the Gold Creek and Joseph Creek watersheds and at a diversion structure south of the City’s Phillips Reservoir provides continuous on-line monitoring of surface water quality and flows from these valuable water sources.  The equipment also monitors the apportionment of surface waters directed into the reservoir and into Joseph Creek that flows through Cranbrook.  The monitoring equipment measures conductivity, turbidity and temperature from each of the two watersheds and records flow from the Gold Creek pipeline. 

The IPD also monitors and manages the planning and operations of the spray irrigation property.

Day to day operations, maintenance and repairs to the City’s water and sewer infrastructure is the responsibility of Public Works.

Mailing Address:      City of Cranbrook Infrastructure Planning & Delivery
                                    1212 2nd Street North,
                                    Cranbrook, BC  V1C 4T6

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