2017 Capital Roads Updates

Work is moving ahead on the City's ambitious roads program for 2017.   This page has been created to help provide you with up-to-date information on each of the major projects that make up our program.

The City has an approved budget of $14.8 million dollars for the 2017 capital roads program.  That includes funds generated from the 1% dedicated road tax and the $10 million in borrowing approved following the alternative approval process last fall.

The City has been working very hard to plan and coordinate the many projects that make up the 2017 capital roads program.   The City has set higher public service and communication standards for itself along with its consultants and contractors.  All property owners and residents affected by road construction will be notified in advance.  They will also be updated on the progress of construction work and the project schedule on a regular basis.

Property access and service disruptions will certainly occur, however, the duration of and the impact to the public will be kept to a minimum while ensuring the construction work can be completed in a timely manner.

The City is committed not only to the safety of the public but to the safety of our staff and our contractors during this busy construction season.  Please respect any road construction signage and directions from any project flaggers during the summer road work.  Please slow down and move over to give these personnel the space they need to be safe.  Thank you for remembering their safety as well as your own as you drive through construction zones.

The City of Cranbrook apologizes for any inconvenience this construction work may cause.  The City appreciates the patience and understanding of the residents affected and the public-at-large while this important work is completed.

Please find the links below to our many projects for information and pictures.

Overall 2017 Road Program Update (August 9, 2017)

2nd Street South Reconstruction
Anderson Crescent Reconstruction
Local Drainage Repairs
Repaving Program
Side Street Water & Road Reconstruction

For more information about any of these projects or the capital roads program in general, please contact:

Mike Matejka, Project Manager
Infrastructure Planning & Delivery

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