Animal Control / Bylaw Enforcement & Complaints

Overview of Animal Control Services
Bylaw Services Officers patrol for dogs at large, respond to animal nuisance complaints and administer the City's dog licensing requirements. The purpose of this program is to promote responsible pet ownership and care within the City while maintaining public peace through public awareness programs, regulation, licensing and enforcement to address animal nuisances.

Animal Control Services are provided by the City of Cranbrook.  An officer is generally on duty during the hours of 8:30am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.   Messages may be left at any time at 250-489-9598 and an officer will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Service Requests
The City's Bylaw Services Officers oversee the enforcement of City Bylaws and deal with complaints.  If you have an issue or complaint regarding any of the City of Cranbrook Bylaws, please call 311.

Naomi Humenny -  Bylaw Services Officer
Office:  250-489-0263


Dog Licensing
All dogs residing within the City limits of Cranbrook are required to be licensed annually, from January 1st through to December 31st. Licensing allows Animal Control Services to contact you as soon as possible if your animal has been impounded or if the animal has been injured as a result of traffic or other causes.

Current Dog License Fees Fees for licensing your dog as of January 1, 2018 are as follows:

(1) Vicious Dog: $225 - Vicious dogs are those deemed “vicious” by an Animal Control Officer, as defined by the Animal Control Bylaw.

(2) Male / Female Dog (not spayed or neutered): $60

(3) Male / Female Dog (spayed or neutered): $40

Renewals and the “Prompt Payment Discount”

The above noted fees will be reduced by $25 if your renewal payment is received prior to February 28th of the year the license is issued.

New Licenses
For a new license, the above noted fees are reduced by $25 in the same manner as the prompt payment discount.The reduced fee may then be prorated quarterly depending on when a new license is purchased within the calendar year.

Renewal notices are typically mailed out in December for the following year.
***Don't forget to pay promptly to take advantage of the $25 discount!***

Spaying / Neutering
We encourage all pet owners to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered to minimize the potential for unwanted puppies and kittens .As an incentive to spay or neuter your dog, the various license and impound fees for spayed or neutered animals are typically less than if your animal is not spayed or neutered.

Impounded Animals
Animals are taken to the East Kootenay SPCA and can be claimed after impound fees are paid at City Hall during the week or at Leisure Services at Western Financial Place on Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 4pm. The EK SPCA may be contacted at (250) 426-6751. Animals still unclaimed after 5 days are transferred to the care of the East Kootenay SPCA.

The City of Cranbrook does not provide animals for adoption, but does support the East Kootenay SPCA Branch and their adoption programs. The EK SPCA may be contacted at (250) 426-6751.

Service Requests
Animal Control Services provides responses to complaints related to nuisance domestic animals within City limits. Complaints received are often, but not exclusively, in respect of animals at large, animals causing noise (barking, etc.), aggressive dogs, and nuisance cats.

Complaints can be registered with the Bylaw Services Office by calling (250) 489-9598.

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