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In July 2014, reporter Sally MacDonald with the Cranbrook Daily Townsman penned a three part series 'A Bug's Life', which looks at how microorganisms turn Cranbrook's sewage into water.  Joe McGowan, Director of Public Works provided MacDonald with a tour and provided most of the background included in this article series.   These articles appeared in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman on Friday July 18, Monday July 21 and Tuesday July 22, 2014.  Thank you to Sally and the Daily Townsman for allowing us to republish those articles here.  Visit them at

A Bug's Life (Part 1) - How the City Prepares A Banquet for Bugs - July 18, 2014
A Bug's Life (Part 2) - Bugs 'Given the Lance Armstrong Treatment' at Lagoons - July 21, 2014
A Bug's Life (Part 3) - The End of the Line for the Little Bugs that Could - July 22, 2014

In July 2011, reporter Sally MacDonald with the Cranbrook Daily Townsman accompanied Joe McGowan, Director of Public Works on an insightful tour of the City of Cranbrook's watershed.   The intent of the tour was to provide information to residents about where their water comes from, how it gets treated and how it gets delivered to your taps.  The end result was the excellent four part series -- "From A Trickle To A Roar", which appeared in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman over a two week period in 2011.  Public response to the series was incredible and so copies of the article series are posted below.

How Cranbrook Gets Its Water - Part One
How Cranbrook's Water Travels From Creek to Home - Part Two
Why Cranbrook Tries To Conserve Water - Part Three
How You Can Conserve Water - Part Four

Additional Articles

Stress Points: An Overview of Water and Economic Growth in Western Canada
Canada West Foundation (March 22, 2012) --

Trees For The Cranbrook Climate - Jenny Humphrey (2005)*
*Publication provided by the Cranbrook History Centre.  Used with permission.

City of Cranbrook 2016 Water Smart Final Report

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