November 7, 2014

Cranbrook, BC (November 7, 2014) – Fire investigators have completed their investigation into the apartment fire in Cranbrook Thursday evening.

Officials confirmed the fire did start in the bedroom of one of the basement apartment suites; however investigators were not able to determine with any certainty the source of the fire.

With the investigation now complete, the scene has been turned back over the building owner and the insurance adjuster.   No damage estimate is yet known.

At approximately 9:20 pm on Thursday November 6, 2014, Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services responded to a structure fire at 1504 1st Street South – a 15 unit apartment complex. The fire alarm system was activated and notified the 17 tenants of the fire and they evacuated the building.

Three fire fighters and one engine initially arrived on scene to find a fire in the basement suite of the apartment complex. In all a total of 21 members were in attendance and 2 fire apparatus responded to the incident. The fire had the potential to extend into the entire building, however, it was quickly knocked down and crews were able to contain the fire to the suite of origin. There were no injuries to the tenants or the fire fighters.

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services again thank the staff of Emergency Social Services, for their quick response and attention to assisting those tenants affected. Due to the potentially harmful environment the most of the tenants were put up in hotel accommodations overnight, while several were able to stay with friends.  It is not yet clear when the tenants will be able to return home.

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