City of Cranbrook

Career Staffing

Director, Wayne Price
Deputy Director, Scott Driver
Secretary, Mary-Ann Dragovan
Fire Prevention Coordinator, Bill Munro
Training Coordinator, Darcy Kennedy

Captain, Clayton Murrell
Captain, Dan Mackinnon
Captain, Tom Kennelly
Captain, Gord Yee

FireFighter, Dean Eldred
FireFighter, Paul Relkoff
FireFighter, Jeff Brown
FireFighter, Greg Green
FireFighter, Brandon Cavener
FireFighter, Matt Carson
FireFighter, Jeremy Bertrand
FireFighter, Jared Granville-Martin
FireFighter, Murray Robertson
FireFighter, Sean Baldwin
FireFighter, Fergus Spowart
FireFighter, Cody Swanson
FireFighter, John Bain
FireFighter, Chris Churchill
FireFighter, Chad Greenen 

Auxiliary Staffing

Lucas Wirth
Brad Herman
Lissa Parker
Justin Bettcher
Parker Doris
Cody Webster
Steven Pannell





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