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Interface fires are a very real threat, and Cranbrook is no exception.  We are a community surrounded by thick combustible vegetation and without a Fire Smart plan in place; many of our homes are vulnerable to the effects of wildfire.

Each of us can share in the solution by taking responsibility and making our homes part of a Fire Smart Community.  It’s time for the citizens of our community to recognize that we all have a responsibility to make our community safe from wildfires.  This is why Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services is beginning a spring campaign to educate our citizens on what steps they can take to be Fire Smart.  Homeowners have a responsibility to apply Fire Smart principles to their homes and properties.  There is often a false sense of security about protection from interface fires or a feeling that it is the responsibility of the government or local Fire Department.  In fact, if a homeowner does not apply Fire Smart principles in and around their homes it is unlikely that their home would be defensible from a significant wildfire.

The 2014 wildfire season is fast approaching, take the time to assess your property by visiting the link to our Fire Smart handbook. 

Remember, in the face of a wildfire a home without Fire Smart is facing significant risk.

HANDBOOK available here

Click here for FireSmart Quiz  

Protect Your Home From Wildfires Newsletter - NEW (May 23, 2013)

Scott Driver
Deputy Fire Chief
Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services





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