June 5, 2017

Cranbrook, BC (June 5, 2017) -- Mackay Contracting is closing 2nd Street South between 9th and 10th Avenue South Monday afternoon; with the closure expanding from 7th Avenue to 10th Avenue South next week.   Construction crews are beginning the excavation of the old water and sewer lines.

Please stay away from all open excavations as part of this project and stay clear of the construction zone.  It is important to obey and follow all construction signage, not just part of the 2nd Street South project but around all of the City’s road work.

If you want to watch the construction work safely, check out our project webcam @ http://www.playfullscreen.com/cranbrook_2.php.

To stay informed on the progress of this road project and all of our capital road work this summer, check out http://dev.cranbrook.ca/our-city/city-departments/infrastructure-planning-and-delivery/2017-capital-roads-information/.    You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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