City of Cranbrook

Past Mayors of Cranbrook

The following is a list of the Mayors of the City of Cranbrook from 1905 to the present:

1905-1906 G.T. Rogers
1907 James Finley
1908-1910 J.P. Fink
1911 P. Devere Hunt
1912-1913 A.C. Bowness
1914 S. Taylor
1915 A.C. Bowness
1916-1918 Lester Clapp
1919 W.F. Cameron
1920-1922 J.A. Genest
1923 W.F. Cameron
1924 A.J. Balment
1925-1940 T.M. Roberts
1941-1946 A.J. Balment
1947-1961 R.E. Sang
1962-1969 G.W. Haddad
1970-1973 M.G. Klinkhamer
1974-1983 T.G. Colgur
1984-1990 R.B. Jensen
1990-1999 M.F. Patterson
1999- 2008 R. Priest
2008-2011 S. Manjak
2011- 2014 W. Stetski





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