Sewer & Drain Backups

All residents should have sewer backup insurance as part of their Homeowners’ Insurance Policy.  The City of Cranbrook does its best to maintain the sewer system, but has little control of what foreign objects may be deposited in the lines causing blockage.

Most sewer backups happen because the sewer service line is plugged or requires maintenance.  Blockages can be caused by items flushed into the line, tree roots, rocks and gravel, or broken/collapsed pipes. 

The sewer service line runs from your residence to the City’s sewer main.
The City of Cranbrook Policy No. 60-106, states the areas of responsibility in a sewer service line as:

  • If a blockage occurs anywhere in the service line (even on City property), it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear the blockage. 
  • If a service line blockage occurs on private property, and it is determined to be a structural failure, the property owner is responsible for all related repair costs. 
  • If a service line blockage occurs on City owned property, and is determined to be a structural failure, then City crews will repair the defective line and be responsible for all related costs related to the repair of the sewer line.

Please also see our Claims & Risk Management page.

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