Utilities & Tax Rates


Effective January 1, 2016; the monthly utility rates are as follows:

Residential Utility Increase / (Decrease) New Monthly Rate
Water $1.00 $21.00
Sewer ($1.00) $20.00
Solid Waste:    
Collection $0.00 $7.50
Landfill Fees $0.00 $11.00
TOTAL $0.00 $59.50




Water rates for non-residential users, including users with metered accounts, have increased proportionately.

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For further information please call Financel at (250) 489-0233.

Tax Rates

2015 Tax Rates Bylaw (No. 3825, 2015)

For information about the current 'Five Year Financial Plan Report', please visit our Annual Reports page.

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If you have questions or require additional information, please call Finance at (250) 489-0233.

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