Claims & Risk Management

If you feel that the City of Cranbrook is responsible for any damage or injury sustained and you wish to make a claim, you are required, under Section 286 of the Local Government Act, to provide notice to the Municipality in writing of the time, place and manner in which the damage was sustained, within two months of the date the loss or damage occurred.

If you are unsure about how to file a claim, would like a claim form mailed or faxed to you, or have filed a claim and have questions about the investigation or status of the claim, please call our claims department at 311 from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Please note that depending on the type of claim, it may take several weeks for a determination to be made about your claim. 

If you wish to submit a claim, please fill out the Notice of Claim form, sign and date the form, attach all supporting documents and submit to:

City of Cranbrook
40 – 10th Avenue S.
Cranbrook, BC   V1C 2M8
Fax:  250-426-4026

Once a claim is received, it is then acknowledged, investigated, and responded to with either an acceptance or denial of liability.  The City of Cranbrook will not be held responsible for your damages unless you can provide evidence that the City committed a negligent act or omission, which then caused the damages.  Like most municipalities, the City of Cranbrook provides compensation only when it is legally liable for the damages sustained.

If you have insurance coverage, you are required to submit your claim for damages to your insurance company first, and your insurance company may then look for reimbursement from the City.

For information about a claim, please contact us at 311.

Sewer and Drain Backups

All residents should have sewer backup insurance as part of their Homeowners’ Insurance Policy.  The City of Cranbrook does its best to maintain the sewer system, but has little control of what foreign objects may be deposited in the lines causing blockage.

Most sewer backups happen because the sewer service line is plugged or requires maintenance.  Blockages can be caused by items flushed into the line, tree roots, rocks and gravel, or broken/collapsed pipes. 

The sewer service line runs from your residence to the City’s sewer main.  The City of Cranbrook Policy No. 60-106, states the areas of responsibility in a sewer service line as:

• If a blockage occurs anywhere in the service line (even on City property), it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear the blockage. 
• If a service line blockage occurs on private property, and it is determined to be a structural failure, the property owner is responsible for all related repair costs. 
• If a service line blockage occurs on City owned property, and is determined to be a structural failure, then City crews will repair the defective line and be responsible for all related costs related to the repair of the sewer line.

Water Main Breaks

If you suspect you have a water leak, City crews will shut off your water supply to determine where the problem lies. If the problem is deemed to be on private property, the property owner will be responsible for repairs, at their own cost.  If the problem is on City property, repairs will be made by City crews.

If there is water gushing out of the street, a water main or water pipe has probably broken on the street. Please contact the Public Works Department immediately at 311 or at the after hour emergency number (250) 489-4264.  

Homeowner Responsibilities

The Homeowner is responsible to take the first steps to minimize any damage to personal property (i.e. remove undamaged items from the area to prevent damages).

Notify your Homeowner or Rental Insurance Agent of the damage as soon as possible to determine if your policy provides coverage for the damage.

Take immediate steps, through your own resources or those of your insurer, to remove excess water or sewage ASAP. Sewage presents special health considerations so you may need professional assistance.

Potholes & Road Hazards

Potholes are weather related and can occur at any time of year.  The City deals with a large number of streets with limited resources with which it can respond to and repair road defects.  If your vehicle is damaged due to road failures, do not continue to drive your vehicle, and report your damage to your insurance provider. 

When potholes are reported, repair work is scheduled and carried out in a timely manner.  During extreme or unfavorable weather, temporary repairs will be made.

The law in BC does not make a municipality legally responsible to ensure that its roads are always free of defects or hazards.
To report a pothole, please call the City of Cranbrook Public Works Department at 311.

Other information

If your vehicle or personal property has been damaged as a result of Municipal operations or construction activity, write down the details of when and how the damage occurred.  Include time, date, location, and vehicle or equipment licence number.   Report your damage to City Hall.

The City of Cranbrook will not do any repairs or clean up on private property.
You should always contact your insurance provider to report a loss right away.  This will give your insurer the opportunity to investigate and proceed with repairs and clean up quickly.  Your insurance company will pursue any party they believe to be responsible for the damages.


Please also see our Emergency contact page.

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