Rain Barrel Rebate Program

The rain barrel rebate program offers $50 per household for installing a rain barrel as a means of collecting rainwater from buildings and rooftops. Easy to install and usually inexpensive, rain barrels are an excellent way to conserve our drinking water supply. During the peak of summer, when water demand is highest and supply is the lowest, this collected water can be used for outdoor irrigation, reducing the need to use treated water from the tap.

Rainwater is naturally soft and free of minerals, making it better for plants and soil. Collecting rainwater with a rain barrel also reduces the amount of storm water run-off, preventing erosion and preserving creek health. By using water supply from a rain barrel, you can help reduce the need to use treated, potable water on your plants and garden, and have your own water supply during times of drought or water restrictions. Since rainwater is not treated, it is non-potable, so this water is not safe to drink or cook with.

The Rain Barrel Rebate program is currently offering 100 rebates at $50 each to begin, with a maximum of one rebate per household. If you applied for and received a rebate in 2019 you are not eligible to apply in 2020. Applying does not guarantee a rebate – each application will be evaluated and processed on a first come, first serve basis. 

To qualify for the rebate, you must be an owner of an existing residential building located with a valid occupancy permit located within the municipal boundaries of the City of Cranbrook and connected to the City of Cranbrook water systems. Only valid applications of rain barrels purchased on or after January 1, 2020 will be accepted.

To apply, download the rebate program application here or visit City Hall. With the application, you must include the original receipt, and a photo of the installed rain barrel installed.

With the current situation around COVID-19, you can mail this information to us (40-10th Avenue South, Cranbrook BC V1C 2M8, drop it off in our drop box at City Hall or email copies of the necessary information to ap@cranbrook.ca.

Also check out our great 'Recycle The Rain - Rain Barrel Information Sheet'.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact: Water.Smart@cranbrook.ca

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