Meet Your Water Ambassador - Danielle Macdonald

Danielle, along with the City's water conservation education program aims to continue to reduce outdoor water use in the summer as it accounts for a huge percentage of the annual water demand in Cranbrook. Danielle will be educating residents by offering free Lawn and Garden Water Assessments to help residents better understand outdoor watering requirements and efficient water use.

“I’m very excited for this opportunity to work with the community over the summer, as an ambassador for water conservation education,” says Macdonald. “I look forward to meeting members of the community and assisting them in the implementation of simply strategies to lessen their water consumption.  This is particularly important in the hot summer months, when water use is at its peak.”

What is a lawn and garden water assessment?
Your Water Ambassador will assess your lawn and garden water needs by doing a landscape analysis.  In 30 minutes the ambassador will determine the watering needs of the landscape; identify current watering practices; assess your manual or automatic watering system; identify potential opportunities for increased efficacy and make required changes if desired; and set up your free hose timer.

Irrigation assessments will be available beginning at the end of June through the end of August.  Bookings are first come, first serve.

Danielle Macdonald
Water Ambassador
Phone: 250-919-2348

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