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Water Conservation

The City of Cranbrook understands the importance of wise water use and the need for practical conservation measures that will benefit not only ourselves now, but will leave our children with the same opportunities we enjoy today.  

The message is quite clear. If we each save a little, it can add up to major savings for all of us. For the average household, reductions in water use as high as 

40% or more are quite feasible, if you make a few simple changes to the way you think about and use water.  But how does this benefit you?   Good question.  As a community, our water treatment and pumping costs will be reduced, along with the wear and tear on equipment.  We will also reduce the amount of wastewater that has to be treated in our wastewater treatment system.

The bottom line is — effective water conservation can extend the useful life of our water distribution system and wastewater treatment facilities. Think about it, we can all “Make Wiser Water Choices”

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