December 21, 2016

Cranbrook, BC (December 21, 2016) – After some hard work by our contractor and staff, the City is happy to report that the sledding hill at Idlewild Park will be open and available for public use this Christmas weekend.

Hill users should note that because a lot of the work was completed after the large dump of snow we received a few weeks ago, there is less snow on the slope than everywhere else in Idlewild Park, so sledders are asked to please use caution.  Some flurries are expected late this week, but not a lot of accumulation is forecast.

Contractors will be installing fencing along the edge of the hill over the next couple of days to ensure any errant sledders don’t find their way into the empty reservoir, which is to be slowly filled in the coming weeks.  City staff is also working on re-establishing lighting on the hill for evening sledding.

Anyone visiting Idlewild Park needs to recognize that the area around the new dam is still under construction and you are asked to please avoid that area.   The contractor and City staff will do the best they can to open more space in the park for walking and recreation as the dam project comes to a close.

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