September 17, 2014

Cranbrook, BC (September 17, 2014) – Another 200 water guzzling bathroom fixtures have been removed from the City of Cranbrook water system in 2014, thanks to the Low Flow Toilet Rebate program.

The final $50 rebate was issued on Wednesday officially bringing the 2014 program to a close.  Since the inception of the toilet rebate program in May 2010, a total of 1000 rebates have been issued.  

The program, a significant part of the City’s overall water conservation initiative, the past five years provides rebates to residents who replaced large volume toilets with either low flow or dual flush fixtures in their homes.

The City of Cranbrook wishes to thank everyone who took advantage of the rebate program in order to help both the environment and help reduce the amount of water our City water and sewer system needs to deal with on a daily basis.   Remember, every little bit helps.

The Regional District of East Kootenay and the staff at the Cranbrook Transfer Station again provided wonderful support of the program – for the third consecutive year.  Without the great partnership of the RDEK and its staff, this rebate program would not have been the success it truly was.

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