October 21, 2014

Cranbrook, BC (October 21, 2014) -- The City of Cranbrook has been advised today that SHAW Cable has reversed its earlier decision to stop broadcasting City Council meetings across its network in BC, ahead of the municipal elections on November 15, 2014.  

In discussions with SHAW programming staff in the corporate SHAW offices in Calgary, City staff has been advised that in Alberta, once the election writ is dropped, all municipalities’ Council meetings are no longer broadcast on SHAW until after the election.  When SHAW made its decision it included all BC municipalities too.   SHAW staff indicated that last week when it came to their attention that there were no requirements in BC to stop broadcasting City Council meetings, they reversed their decision.

So, as a means to remain open, transparent and consistent with all other municipalities and with SHAW, the City of Cranbrook will again continue to make all of the remaining regular meetings of this current Council available to the public on the City website.  Please click on the 'Council Meeting Video' link.

The City of Cranbrook apologizes for any confusion this change may have created.

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