February 27, 2019

Cranbrook, BC (February 27, 2019) – Western Financial Place is set to reopen as usual to all patrons and staff on Thursday morning. The aquatic centre, the arena and the concourse areas will all be open as normal for public use.

Refrigeration contractors were able to safely resolve the ammonia leak early Wednesday evening.

Upon alert of the facility’s ammonia detection system Wednesday morning, city staff were able to quickly and safely evacuate patrons and staff and contact Fire & Emergency Services to assist in the evacuation and provide additional support. All staff relied on their training and followed the proper procedures in place for these kinds of events.

Thank you to the staff and technicians at Western Financial Place, members of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services and the contractors for your professionalism and expertise in ensuring the safety of the public and for the work in reopening the facility in such a timely fashion.

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