August 31, 2016

Image of construction crew beginning work on the bypass on August 10, 2016.   City of Cranbrook.

Cranbrook, BC (August 31, 2016) – Rehabilitation construction work continues on the Idlewild Dam and on the lake itself.

Barrie Mackay Contracting Ltd. began construction work on the bypass pipe and sediment control pond on August 5th, both of which are now complete.  This portion of the process also included the turtle and fish relocation programs.  Construction work has now moved to the existing dam and spillway to begin preparation for rehabilitation of the structure.

With the construction location change, there will likely be additional restrictions in park access.  Park visitors and users are reminded to please stay away from the construction area and obey all barricades and signage.   Water levels in both the reservoir and downstream will continue to change with the construction work, so residents and pets should stay away from the water’s edge.

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