October 9, 2018

Cranbrook, BC (October 9, 2018) -- The City of Cranbrook and its contractor Insituform Technologies Ltd. will begin sewer cleaning and CCTV inspection work in the downtown area this week for the purposes of designing and eventually installing Cured In Place Pipe liners (CIPP). CIPP technology allows a flexible liner to be placed inside of aging sewer pipes, which then cures into a strong rigid material which will renew the infrastructures lifespan at less cost compared to conventional replacement, and with significantly less disruption.

“Most of our aging sanitary sewers are in narrow alleys, and very deep in some locations, where conventional replacement would be very difficult, unsafe and disruptive to property access and nearby structures,” says Mike Matejka, Manager of Infrastructure Planning & Delivery for the City. “CIPP is a great solution in these instances, and the technology is constantly improving.”

The work happening this week is just to clean and inspect the sewer pipes to confirm condition and design the appropriate liner length and thickness, with the actual liner installation to occur in 2019.

Due to the nature of the work, crews will be conducting the cleaning and camera work overnight during minimal sewer flows. This is the only way to ensure a proper cleaning and inspection can take place. While crews will do their best to keep noise to a minimum, the City and its contractor apologize in advance for any inconvenience that many occur.

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