November 24, 2017

Cranbrook, BC (November 23, 2017) WestJet today announced new regional air service to the Canadian Rockies International Airport, under an agreement with Pacific Coastal Airlines. WestJet service will begin on March 7, 2018. 

“I’m so excited! Today’s announcement represents an air service advancement milestone that we’ve been striving towards for years,” Tristen Chernove, CEO Elevate Airports. “This partnership between two great companies, WestJet and Pacific Coastal Airlines, is a best case scenario allowing for the right size aircraft (Saab 34), providing high frequency to/from Calgary and timely connections with WestJet’s National and Global network. Welcome WestJet, you will soon see just how delighted we are to have you operating in the Kootenays.”

This is a monumental step toward Canadian Rockies International Airport realizing its potential as the strong economic catalyst for the region that it is.  Adding WestJet to our already terrific air service partners Air Canada and Pacific Coastal Airlines, now links our region to both national carriers and their global alliances.  Healthy competition can be good for all and we hope to see growth for all carrier partners. 

“This is very exciting news for the City of Cranbrook and surrounding communities.  Residents from all of the East and West Kootenay have been waiting for years for WestJet connections to Calgary giving access to destinations around the world,” says Mayor Lee Pratt.  “This also opens up the world with easier access to the Kootenays.”

“We are very pleased to see Pacific Coastal involved with WestJet on this project.  Pacific Coastal has been a great supporter of the Canadian Rockies International Airport and this solidifies their other routes with us.  We will put concentrated effort into encouraging the public to take advantage of this added service.”

“Alberta is such a big part of our region – whether it be tourism, people moving here, commerce, or healthcare…the Calgary corridor is critical to our well-being as a region.  WestJet is a game changer, but it is up to us to make it so,” says Mayor Don McCormick of the City of Kimberley.

“This is terrific news! It’s great to see our region become even more accessible to the world as well as adding more service options for our residents,” says Chief Joe Pierre of the Community of Aq’am.

Air service is schedule three flights daily to Calgary seven days per week, with the exception of two flights on Saturdays.

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