October 9, 2015

Intersection will be designated a four way stop; Drivers asked to please watch for and obey signage.

Cranbrook, BC (October 9, 2015) -- Replacement of the traffic controller and the installation of traffic cameras at the intersection of 14th Avenue South and 2nd Street South in Cranbrook will take place over three days beginning on Monday October 19 and wrapping up Wednesday October 21 late in the afternoon.

Public Works will begin the work Monday morning by blacking out the existing traffic lights and installing temporary 4 way stop signs.

It is the responsibility of all drivers to obey and understand all signage and signals during this project.

Before the new signals are operational, there will be a testing phase which will put the signals into a four way flashing red situation.  It is important to recognize that four way flashing red lights at an intersection means drivers MUST treat the intersection as a regular four way stop and only proceed once it is safe to do so.  Do not proceed on a solid red traffic signal light.

As the system is placed into normal intersection operation, there is a 60 to 80 second controller cycle thru procedure.  This procedure has created some near misses in the past where drivers completely ignore the signals.   Drivers must be patient and obey the signals to avoid any potential collisions.

The City of Cranbrook and Public Works appreciate the patience and understanding of the public as this project is completed.

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