December 9, 2015

Cranbrook, BC (December 9, 2015) -- The City of Cranbrook announces that effective January 1, 2016, the monthly utility rates will change as follows:

Residential Utility Increase/(Decrease) New Monthly Rate
Water $1.00 $21.00
Sewer ($1.00) $20.00
Solid Waste:    
- Collection $0.00 $7.50
- Landfill Fees $0.00 $11.00
Total $0.00 $59.50

Water rates for non-residential users, including users with metered accounts, have increased proportionately.

2016 Water, Sewer & Solid Waste Utility Accounts
A discount of 5% will be granted on all 2016 Utility Accounts paid for the year and received at City Hall on or before February 29, 2016.

2016 Pre-Authorized Payment of Water, Sewer & Solid Waste Utility Accounts
Try the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for your bi-monthly utility bill.  This plan is convenient and avoids late payment fees.  For those already on the pre-authorized payment plan, please note your bi-monthly payment amount will automatically increase to reflect the 2016 utility rates.

The bi-monthly payments are made through your bank by pre-authorized debits on the 1st day of every 2nd month commencing February 1, 2016.

Application forms are available at the City Hall Finance Department.  For further information on this plan, call City Hall at (250) 426-4211.

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