March 29, 2016

Cranbrook, BC (March 29, 2016) – The return of warmer temperatures will certainly spring residents into the mode of spending more time outside, something many City of Cranbrook residents are looking forward to after this winter.  With the increase in outdoor activities, there often comes an increase in the noise level in your neighbourhood.    Residents are asked to be considerate of others in the neighbourhood when out doing your backyard projects or summer barbeques.

“Noise is interpreted as any unreasonable disturbance not normally expected at any given time of the day or night,” says Naomi Humenny, Bylaw Services Officer.  “You are running your lawnmower at 10am that is considered reasonable; running your mower at 10pm, not so much.”

A regular complaint fielded by the City Bylaw Enforcement department is barking or howling dogs left unattended in yards all day with the owners often away at work.  Other common complaints include home and building construction and in some cases noisy parties.   In the case of noisy parties, concerned residents should contact the RCMP detachment, as parties tend to occur after hours.

In regard to construction, no person in the City shall undertake any type of construction work before 7am or after 10pm.   No construction for profit or gain can be undertaken on a Sunday, without explicit written approval by the City Engineer.

“Residents can carry on their normal outdoor routines during the summer months, with yard work and construction projects,” says Humenny.  “We simply ask that you consider your neighbours by keeping the noise to an acceptable level at the acceptable times.”

Click here to review our noise bylaw.

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