August 3, 2016

Cranbrook, BC (August 3, 2016) – The first phase of construction work on the Idlewild Dam Rehabilitation project is set to begin on Friday August 5th.

Barrie Mackay Contracting Ltd. will begin work on the south side of the reservoir with the installation of a new bypass pipe and sediment control pond.

Park users and visitors are strongly advised to please stay away from the construction area and obey all signage and barricades in place.   With the construction work, there will be changes in the water levels in both the reservoir and downstream so residents and pets should stay clear of the water’s edge.

We will continue to keep the public informed regularly on the progress of the project through our local media partners, our website and social media.  Additionally, the City will be installing a webcam over the next few weeks in order for the public to be able to watch the construction work unfold.

The City of Cranbrook appreciates the patience and understanding of park users, visitors and nearby residents as this important construction project moves forward.

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