February 10, 2017

Cranbrook, BC (February 10, 2017) -- Cyclists in Cranbrook will soon have nearly 35 brand new bike racks to use through the downtown core thanks to an initiative taken on by Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary.

In consultation with the City, Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary has set a goal to install the bike racks to help provide numerous safe locations for cyclists to lock their bikes and eliminate bikes being parked haphazardly, locked up to parking meters and trees.   The intent of the initiative is also to complement existing and future City planning infrastructure designs, while promoting and supporting the increasing number of cyclists.

“The partnership with the Sunrise Rotary came along at a perfect time, as the City has been exploring opportunities to create more vibrancy in our downtown area and also to deliver upon the public’s desire for increased and improved cycling infrastructure,” says Chris New, Director of Leisure Services with the City.  “We are looking at options to make our City more cycle friendly, and the bike rack program is an excellent first step."

“It was very evident that Cranbrook was lacking in bike racks throughout the City,” says Glenn Dobie with Sunrise Rotary.  “Many of us are avid cyclists and see how cycling is supported in other communities.  We want to bring this amenity not only to our residents, but also to help put Cranbrook on the map as a cycling destination."

"Sunrise Rotary is very pleased with the support we have received from City Council,” says Darryl Bishop with Sunrise Rotary. “We have been working very closely with Cranbrook Leisure Services, Public Works and Finance to develop the rollout of the program, including design and installation. We are also very proud to support local business by working with Fab Rite as our local supplier."

Sunrise Rotary is hopeful to complete the bike rack project by the end of June.  

Meantime, Sunrise Rotary is inviting businesses, groups and individuals to help support this project by sponsoring a bike rack.  For a sponsorship fee of $500, you can help install at standard post rack that allows for the parking of two bikes.   Application deadline for sponsorship is Wednesday March 15, 2017.

To apply to be a sponsor or if you have questions, please contact Glenn Dobie at 250-417-3230 or Darryl Bishop at 250-426-6618.  An information and donation package is available for download here or printed copies can be picked up at City Hall.

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