April 5, 2019

Cranbrook, BC (April 5, 2019) -- I, Sarann Press, Chief Election Officer for the City of Cranbrook, do hereby declare, pursuant to Section 74 of the Local Government Act, the following persons as candidates in the 2019 Councillor By-Election:

Candidates for the one (1) office of Councillor:

Jordan Fiorentino             3012 Mt. Fisher Pl                            Cranbrook, BC

John Hudak                         800 17th St. South                            Cranbrook, BC

William McKerrow          C – 1860 Kelowna Cres.                 Cranbrook, BC

Ron Miles                            515 31st Ave. South                         Cranbrook, BC

Randy Tapp                         617 15th St. South                             Cranbrook, BC 


Given under my hand at Cranbrook, British Columbia, this 5th day of April 2019.

Sarann Press
Chief Election Officer

For more information on the by-election, scheduled for Saturday May 11, 2019, visit our election webpage.

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