December 2, 2016

Please Have Your Dogs Licensed: City Bylaw Services

Cranbrook, BC (December 2, 2016) – Dog owners in Cranbrook are reminded to have their dogs licensed each year; that is the message from City of Cranbrook Bylaw Services Office.

If you currently have a dog license, the City of Cranbrook will be sending you a renewal notice in the mail, if you have not already received it.  You are asked to please wait until you get your renewal notice before visiting City Hall to get your 2017 dog license. 

Licenses issued for dogs are valid for the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) and can be purchased at City Hall. The licensing fee for a sterile dog is $40.00, and the fee for an intact dog is $60.00.  If you purchase your license before February 28, 2017 you will receive a $25.00 discount on your licensing fee.

“I think the public would be surprised at the number of stray dogs we are required to take to the SPCA, because the dog has not been licensed,” says Naomi Humenny, Bylaw Services Officer.  “As a result, we have no access to the owner’s information and no way to return the dog home.”

Under the City of Cranbrook Animal Control Bylaw 3555, any person that is a resident of the City and who is the owner of a dog two (2) months of age or older, needs to ensure that they have a valid dog license.  No person shall own, keep or harbour an unlicensed dog in the City of Cranbrook.

For more information about dog licensing, you can contact City Hall at 250-426-4211.   To review the City of Cranbrook Animal Control Bylaw online, please use the link.

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