December 29, 2016

Cranbrook, BC (December 29, 2016) -- Crews with Public Works are finally able to take a bit of a breather after a hectic snow removal schedule over the past number of days beginning Christmas Eve.

When the snow began on December 24th, crews were mobilized and worked around the clock clearing City streets.   Operations were hampered when staff was needed to repair 4 separate broken water mains over the holiday, when every available Public Works staff member was called out.  Despite all of this, crews were able to get streets cleared and make them accessible, something Mayor Lee Pratt says needs to be recognized and commended.

“Some citizens were very upset with the snow removal and I can understand that, however it is winter and we have no control over when it will snow or how much we get,” says Mayor Pratt. “Along with the broken water mains and other extenuating circumstances, I applaud the efforts of our Public Works staff.  In my opinion, they worked 24/7 over the holidays, giving up family time and did one hell of a good job.  Thank you!”

Operators are working to hit some of the smaller alleys and cul-de-sacs over the next couple days to finish up all the snow clearing.  If your street has been missed, please contact Public Works at 250-489-0218. 

Snow removal crews and contractors will be on standby should the need arise through the New Year’s weekend.

For more information about the City's snow clearing operations, priority routes and more, please visit our 'Snow Removal Information' page.

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