December 31, 2015

Cranbrook, BC (December 31, 2015) – City snow removal crews continue today to clear the streets from the steady snowfall the area has received the past week.

To aid in the cleanup, residents are asked to please avoid pushing or blowing snow from their sidewalks, driveways and any windrows back into the street, after the City plows have been by. 

“No one really likes their driveways filled in by a passing snowplow, but windrows come as a natural side effect of snow clearing operations – it is just the way it is,” says Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Cranbrook.  “The only way to avoid creating windrows is to not plow at all.   And we all know that isn’t an option.”

Avoiding leaving your vehicle parked on the street during snowfalls wherever possible will also help make clearing the streets easier for City plows.

The City is also asking residents to be respectful of your neighbours and avoid filling their driveways, walkways and sidewalks with snow that you remove from your property. 

“Staff has received reports of arguments and spats between neighbours around the community where this exact issue has occurred,” Zettel says.  “Please be mindful of where you put the snow you are removing from your property, so it doesn’t become a problem for your neighbour.”

For more information about how the City clears the streets and why decisions are made the way they are, priority route maps and more, see our Snow Removal Information page.

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