October 28, 2019

Cranbrook, BC (October 28, 2019) – With winter upon us, winter road maintenance preparations are well underway at Public Works with the City of Cranbrook.

The City’s winter operations program works to keep roads safe and passable for both drivers and pedestrians.  The City has a solid fleet of trucks and plows in place, with operations ready to run around the clock during any major snow event ready to tackle whatever winter throws at us.

Residents are reminded to use our PlowCRANBROOK tool, which provides an outlet where you can see where plows have cleared snow in the past 24 hours up to the last seven days, including where the snowplows are currently.

“We hear from customers every year asking where the snow plow are and when their street will get plowed,” says Tony Hetu, Deputy Director of Public Works. “We also get asked about why snow plowing is done the way it is. I hope residents will use the tool and explore our website for lots of great information on why we prioritize the routes we do, and other details on our operations.”

It is also important that drivers drive to the road conditions. Slow down and give yourself additional time and space to stop your vehicle. It’s also important to provide plenty of space for winter maintenance equipment and other vehicles.

Along with the PlowCRANBROOK tool, the City has information available online around what happens during a major snow event and what our levels of service are around road and sidewalk cleaning. There is also information about what our residents can do to help with snow clearing, and tips on both winter driver and pedestrian safety.

Visit our Winter Road Maintenance information page for details.

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